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A workshop on the future unknown

You showed up in sweatpants, with rosy cheeks and water bottles, and we read Donna Haraway on the floor. You made future hice of clay, built on utopias and dismantled them again, and in the break you made me dance to Westlife. We found out that technology is magic, that our shadows is our companions, that you can get into things by listening, and that it’s worth staying with the trouble. And so: we traveled on Pilates balls, through talk-shows and under hot water bags.
The future seems closer now (thank you!).

“In uncertain times, there is an urgency to the subject of the future. We know change is coming, but we don’t know how, or in what form. Futures are both present and absent – we make them present through our narratives, imagery, symbols, wishes, plans and predictions, and still they are absent in that they have not and may never happen.
How can we study to prepare for what-is-not-yet? What do we need to know in terms of readiness, resilience and vulnerability? How do we adapt, transform and recover? How can we harness the powers of imagination for the purpose of knowledge about the future?”

In January 2018 I had a lovely week with the dance and choreography students at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, imagining different futures and embodying space and time travel.