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To Think and Feel a Then and There

 ”We need to strive, in the face of the here and now’s totalizing rendering of reality, to think and feel a then and there.” José Muñoz
In this workshop we will try to think and feel a then and there. We are going to treat ourselves to a temporary amnesia about the practical aspects of the here and now (no have to’s, no have not’s) and raise our eyes from our busy hands, to look to the horizon.
For this workshop you will be asked to give some things up (turn your phone of) and devote yourself to the process and the group, to be part of a temporary collective. You might even have to leave your critical mind behind, momentarily, to give room for imagination and foolishness. But there will also be breaks for reflection. You will be guided through a collective process where where we share dreams, hopes and desires, and negotiate collectivity, temporalities, inside/outside and utopia/dystopia. With our shared space as a starting point, we will use talking, writing, drawing, building and our bodies is motion to imagine another outside, transforming the world around us.
Please bring an object that in your mind represents a potentiality. Muñoz describes potentiality as ”a certain mode of non-being that is eminent, a thing that is present but actually not existing in present tense.” This material will be our starting point.
Workshop at the PhD-in-Practice program, March 20th 2015, Vienna