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Teaching is an integral part of my artistic practice, both inside and outside institutions, as well as in self-organized settings.

My pedagogy is based on the works of Paolo Freire, bell hooks, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and other radical educators, that endorses critical consciousness (conscientization/self-actualization/hyper-self-reflextivity) as a way to make students aware of their knowledge, how it is connected to their social context and their possibilities to act from this knowledge.

In an art education this means helping the students to situate and contextualize their artistic practice in time and space, that is, make visible the historical connections as well as its relation to contemporary art and society. Our task is to help them find ways to form their desires, skills and actions into a sustainable artistic practice . I believe it is important not to teach one ”right way” to be an artist, but give access to a range of possibilities to navigate the art world. This includes ways to deal with different materials, methods, theories as well as the personal, professional and political. They should also be made aware of their possibilities to refuse, counter-act, transform and expand what we know as contemporary art; to challenge us and change the art world and the world as we know it.

Through the years I have collected and developed a set of pedagogical tools for putting these ideas into practice. It is a mix of practical exercises, conversation settings, modes of reflection, writing exercises, seminar forms and physical exercises, in groups and individually. These tools are meant to, for instance, connect theory and practice, situate, embody or give a critical view point to knowledge.