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NORDIK Conference


I have submitted a video contribution to the conference NORDIK 2022: COLLECTIONS called “Teaching for the future as a surprise”. My segment is part of “Passing on stories – Collective memories and the canon” hosted by Johanna Rosenqvist and Ellen Suneson on Wednesday.

“Starting from cultural geographer Ben Anderson notion of the future as a surprise I would like to discuss how we relate to the future unknown in arts education. In a Scandinavian context still very much bound to utopian thinking, acknowledging how the future will surprise us offers a shift in how we relate to the unknown that does not aim to control. With an element of unpredictability, we can put our efforts into imagining both probable and improbable futures, paying attention to what is incubated within the present, and foster a state of readiness for what is to come. The future as a surprise allows us to practice staying and playing with uncertainty. With examples from my own teaching at different Scandinavian Art Academies I will offer a set of suggestions for places where to start.”

The NORDIK Association for Art Historians is hereby announcing the conference taking place 25.-27.10. 2022 under the heading “Collections”. The conference is virtual and signup is free. Organized in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, the University of Copenhagen.

Please find the program in PDF format here: NORDIK 2022 Program

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