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Art in Dark Times: On the Conditions for Gathering, Thought and Action

This week I will be visiting Luleå for a conference on the last days of the Luleå Biennial. On Friday I will represent UNICORN – artist in solidarity for the AOOO network, Arts Organizations Out of Office (established by Art Lab Gnesta and Konstfrämjandet) to gather self-organising actors in the North that are engaged with contemporary art.

“The Luleå Biennial: Tidal Ground coincides with the darkest period of the year, and therefore we have taken the darkness of the region as both a necessary and generative premise for our work and thinking. The biennial asks questions about what “dark times” may be said to entail: that social and political forces are also going through a period of tidal movement? Or that darkness is an ever-present condition for us to navigate? During the last weekend of the exhibition, the biennial invites artists, activists and thinkers to reflect on the political darkness that surrounds us, its geography and specific historical contexts, as well as the necessity of transnational alliances and friendships.”