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Residency at Milvus Artistic Research Center

I’m enjoying a beautiful stay at MARC – Milvus Artistic Research Center for two weeks, and will be back again in May. I cherish this concentrated time of study, where I can dive in to the unknown, away from the distractions of the everyday and in conversations with nature and the people here at MARC. I have invited sound artist Julia Giertz to join me, and we’re exploring our vulnerability and softness with the help of the cephalopod mollusks. This work will be shown at Intonal – experimental music festival in Malmö in April. Next week my sister (by blood and intellect), choreographer Stina Nyberg, will come and we’ll share some much awaited work time together.
In May I will share parts of my work during an evening at ÖSKG/Tjörnedala konsthall and at a workshop at Wanås Konsthall.

Writing session in the studio

Nyberg & Giertz
changing perspectives

Sisters in astonished contemplation