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FEELERS (2018)

“In this space we allow ourselves to become with the deep network of the cephalopod molluscs, such as octopuses, cuttlefish and squids. The body of the cephalopod is tender and pliant. Their highly decentralized nervous system re-locates brainpower throughout the body, into a myriad of local neural networks –feelers of extreme sensibility.
In a collective effort to anticipate the future, we are learning to stay with the trouble. The trouble of living and dying, together on a damaged earth. We invite you to dissolve and de-normalize in a space of speculative fabulation, feminist mythology, immersive audio and sound as touch.
Activating our bodies as we expand into softness.“

Photography by Terje Östling

FEELERS is a guided meditation and an audio work by Lisa Nyberg and Julia Giertz. The work was developed as a sound installation for INTONAL in May 2018, and a live version was presented as a participatory performance at Tjörnedala Konsthall in June 2018.
In the installation the visitor is invited to lie down, immersed in a multi-channel sound scape, guided by a voice. The audio is running as a 20 min loop. In the live version the participants are invited to participate in a group meditation and the guide is present.

Sound excerpt: