Nyberg & Giertz

Lisa Nyberg and Julia Giertz share a common interest in speculative futures. Their work seeks to collectively engage in the vulnerability of an unknown tomorrow. By means of immersive audio and a guiding voice they create visualized meditations, as performance and installation.

Nyberg is a visual artist working mainly with performance and text, and Giertz is a music producer and sound artist. They are the people movers; vulnerable feelers, shape shifters, feminist mythologists and touch artists.

Nyberg & Giertz presented the sound installation “UNSETTLING II: A guided meditation to the sea” at the Venice Biennale of 2017, the performance piece “UNSETTLING III: together to the sea” at the EARN conference HAUNTOPIA/What If (2017), and the sound installation “FEELERS” at Inter Arts Center in Malmö as part of the Intonal festival of 2018.