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Nyberg & Giertz

Lisa Nyberg and Julia Giertz share a common interest in speculative futures. Their work seeks to collectively engage in the vulnerability of an unknown tomorrow. By means of immersive audio and a guiding voice they create visualized meditations, as performance and installation.

Nyberg is a visual artist working mainly with performance and text, and Giertz is a music producer and sound artist. They are the people movers; vulnerable feelers, shape shifters, feminist mythologists and touch artists.

Nyberg & Giertz presented the sound installation “UNSETTLING II: A guided meditation to the sea” at the Venice Biennale of 2017 the performance piece “UNSETTLING III: together to the sea” at the EARN conference HAUNTOPIA/What If (2017), and the sound installation “FEELERS” at Inter Arts Center in Malmö as part of the Intonal festival of 2018.

The sound piece Antifascistisk gatumeditation was release on May 1st 2019.