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Residency at Inkonst

I am starting 2022 with a residency at Inkonst in Malmö with my installation the Sling. The Sling was first installed at Kunsthal Aarhus in 2020. Inspired by the critique class as an essential element of arts education, I tried to create a space that could hold both suspension, stillness and relief.

“The Sling is a space of study held by its participants. It is a curved space, a holding space, a carrying space. A sling to hold and support what might otherwise break. It is a simple support structure of rope and fabric that is held in suspension by the hand of one to eight people. Entering the space is taking the risk that it might all fall down. At any moment we can let it go, release the tension, undo the curve. We will have to agree on how to hold space for each other.”

Meeting people in the Sling opened up to all sorts of hard conversations – on how to deal with a future unknown, how to do art in abelist-colonial-capitalist-hetero-patriarchy, how to deal with institutions, how to slow down, how to resist, how to play – and what kind of structures are needed to support us having these conversations.

During my stay at Inkonst I would like to experiment with what is possible to do with and within the Sling. I am investigating how it can be activated as a meeting space, a performative space, a projection screen, a contemplative space etc. To help me I have invited a series of artist and performers to work with me during my stay: artist and architect Adriana Seserin and landscape architect Sabina Jallow, the interdisciplinary art duo RÖTA, poet Merima Dizdarević, curator Jari Malta, artist and researcher Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld and dancer and choreographer Dorte Bjerre Jensen.