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Utan til’ / By Heart – calling hibernating origin stories into emergence

Welcome to a vertical exploration through body-land-Earth. This workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in expanding their answer to the questions “where do I (we) come from?” and “where do I (we) belong?” Aiming beyond the settler colonial present, we will reach down into the ground below, calling hibernating origin stories into emergence. Our findings will be restated in our own words until we know them by heart, offering them a home in the body-mind of our collective experience. The workshop is carefully constructed to be a hopeful practice without guarantees. 

Lisa Nyberg is a visual artist, teacher, and post-doctoral researcher at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. Her research examines what it means to know and be known by (a) place. Nyberg has extensive experience with facilitating workshops, guided meditations and institutional processes based in embodied learning and pedagogies of the unknown.

Sign up no later than June 13th to

Time: 17 June, 10.00-13.00

Place: UmArts Research Studio, Smedjan, Arts Campus, Umeå University.

Sandwiches, coffee and tea will be provided.