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Publication: HAUNTOPIA/WHAT IF Exhibition Guide and Glossary

“Inspired by Eve Tuck and C. Ree’s A Glossary of Haunting, this glossary of sorts accompanies the visitors to the exhibition, offering them a collection of keywords and notions that have inspired or are associated with the artworks shown. It can be used as a guide, but it is also a remainder, a remnant of the exhibition: “its own form of haunting, its own lingering” as Tuck and Ree say.
Between glossary terms and descriptions of their work, the contributors strive for a language that reflects their diverse practices and approaches, but also connects to the core theme of the exhibition,
HAUNTOPIA / WHAT IF. Texts are combined with selected images, designs and drawings, so that each page mirrors the subjectivity of its author.
The glossary is fragmented, always incomplete, and invites the readers to invent further terms while encountering the works, or when flipping through these pages and remembering them later on.
We cannot know what will remain, which images, words and thoughts will linger, but we hope that something will stick:”

The glossary was born from a collaborative effort and includes contributions
by each artist participating in the exhibition, as well as information
about each artwork. Its making was coordinated by the PhD-in-Practice fellow and curator
Katalin Erdődi.